Adrian Cepeda / Bass drum

Adrian Cepeda (February 7, 1990)

Plays: Bodhran , Bass drum , Shells, Spoons

He lives surrounded by traditional music from his childhood in Compostela, and there came a point where he could not resist the temptation to pick up an instrument in his hands, “It was a slow process, but steady”

At 16 he found an old family bodhran, started practicing, and gradually got the hang of it.

 With the bass drum, the relationship is much more recent, but he considers this instrument hilarious,“We’re getting along just fine “

Adrian hopes to follow the path their feet mark in music , without looking back.

During performances he always…

“have the constant feeling that the leather instrument are not properly tensioned”

As musical references

Cristy Moore, David Fallon, Xabier Díaz

His musical influences come from…

Berroguetto , Gwendal , The Chair , Old Dance School, Patrick Street, At First Light, Kerfuffle , old Blind Dogs, Tradish , Nightnoise …